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Restores, Stimulates and Boosts Radiance.

Instant Revitalizing Mask

Rating: 5/5 stars

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This proprietary formula will foam and pop like champagne identifying your problem areas because it contains a rare plant extract called Nasturtium that causes the “fusion” process and allows it to bubble where you have the most trouble. It takes your skin to the gym with a vitamin B-12 boost and gets your circulation going, to wake up dull and lackluster skin and gives you a beautiful, smooth, revitalized glow that will brighten your skin.

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$65   |   1 fl oz / 30 ml
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“The love box of Net A Porter with the Instant Revitalizing Mask”

“Bad skin has had its chips with this hard-working repair solution!”

“Miracle Mask!”

“The Radiance Master according to Mamie McDonald!”

“The secret for a radiant skin!”

“A breath of fresh air with the Instant Revitalizing Mask!”

“Take your face to the cleaner with this effective skin saver!”

“Radical Inspiration!”

“Complexion Perfection!”

“Secret Skin Prep”

“Snap, crackle, stop. Reveale softer, more luminious skin.”

“Catch of the year!”

“Radical Skincare is a line of 9 products with multitasking functions!”

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The Benefits

Our Radical Promise

  • A Radical GPS for your Skin that bubbles where your skin has the most trouble
  • A Radical Rescue delivers vitamins, rare plant extracts and antioxidants instantly
  • In 5 to 7 minutes, watch your skin transform brightening and boosting radiance, softness for a radical glow
  • Smoothes skin
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High Performance Active Ingredients

  • B12: It's like an energy shot for your skin. Helps with circulation for a complexion boost
  • Sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid): helps to maintain the moisture balance in the skin
  • Nasturtium extract (flower extract): Is a rare plant that helps with the Fusion process: The oxygen is infused in the formula so when activated on the skin, it helps to convert the Nasturtium along with other actives, to energy which helps to repair the skin.
  • Ginseng extract: stimulates collagen production
  • Complex of antioxydant multi-vitamins (C, A and E) and beta-carotene: critical for the production of collagen and the proper development of the skin's natural barrier properties

No Animal testing.

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How to apply

For the best results

Apply twice a week on cleansed dry skin. Let mask activate and dissolve after several minutes, rinse face and follow with Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum and Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture.

REMEMBER- Shake to Activate the oxygen bubbles to carry these anti aging nutrients to energize your skin.Then pump to release the Radical goodness and enjoy !

What our customers say

Rating: 5/5 stars “I absolutely love this Revitalizing Mask! The tingles and scent are both great, and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel! A wonderful product that I highly recommend!”

Rating: 5/5 stars “This mask is not only super fun, but really does what it claims. It feels like pop rocks on your face once it starts to pop. Afterwards I feel hydrated and look like I'm glowing”

Rating: 5/5 stars “While this mask was on, my skin looked amazing as the foam began to dissolve. I really didn't want to wash it off! I rinsed after 5 or 6 minutes after all areas had gone clear, and was amazed!”

Rating: 5/5 stars “My pores actually looked smaller, and my skin had a beautiful bright glow to it! It felt soft and hydrated”

Rating: 5/5 stars “This was super easy to use and I like that it only takes about 5 minutes! Its great pre-party or special occasion! I left my face glowing and was super gentle”

Rating: 5/5 stars “I was shocked at how my skin was more hydrated and youthful after the first use. Love the popping sensation! You feel it working. Champagne for your face!”

Rating: 5/5 stars “I really love this product. My face truly clears up when I use it. Thank you so much Radical Skincare.”

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