Our Story

More than skin deep

Liz and Rachel are the daughters of Dr. Richard F. Edlich MD.PHD, world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery. Working in their father's lab before the age of ten and at the University of Virginia Burn Unit, they were exposed to the science of skin rejuvenation and wound repair at extreme levels. After having been in the skin care industry in Los Angeles for 15 years and creating over 100 products for celebrities and others, their business became very personal when the unthinkable happened.

Rachel developed Rosacea after having her second child and had red bumps all over her face and was completely inflamed. She was on the 3 types of medication that the doctors said she would be on for life. Liz had turned 46 and realized that gravity was real, noticing wrinkles, loss of elasticity and felt like her skin wasn't snapping back to the way it use to. They both decided that this was the perfect storm and called upon their chemists and scientists and challenged them to create the most powerful anti-aging solution for Liz that could be used on Rachel's sensitive skin. With no regard to costs and with no intention of selling this youth elixir to the larger public, they identified the prime defect in most anti-aging formulas they corrected it, perfected it and then clinically tested it. The results spoke for themselves. A USDA lab compared their formulas to numerous leading skincare brands* and the potency results were unbeatable.

What Liz & Rachel created in their lab sample bottles which they labeled with a magic marker and used for themselves and their friends radically changed their skin. Liz was stopped on the street asking what she used on her skin, Rachel's rosacea cleared and friends called having similar experiences and wanting more.

Like their father transformed the landscape of medicine, Liz & Rachel felt compelled to share their findings with people worldwide to make a Radical difference in their skin and in their lives.